Wallick Global Consulting Pvt Ltd

Our Services

Our primary focus is to provide quality services to clients by leveraging the depth of our international experience.

Wallick Global Consulting Pvt Ltd provides services to individual clients who are interested in studying at top universities around the world for both undergraduate and graduate study, domestic (India) and international universities, colleges and schools. Our services include tailored research projects, best practices, hands on training and advising. In the long-term, we seek to use e-learning metrics and techniques to increase access to quality education and employability at all levels of society thereby decreasing service gaps.

Individual Clients
  • Preparation for GRE, TOFEL, GMAT, IELTS, SAT.
  • Application prep – SOP, selection of colleges, visa guidance, pre orientation counseling.
  • A year package which will include all of the above + our regular monitoring and input on profile building such a finding part-time internships and work experiences
  • Helping students with appropriate projects and extracurricular activities
  • Helping students to know weakness- strength, aspiration ,their career goals, objectives and creating a well informed career and life path.
Indian universities
  • Helping Indian universities with connecting with foreign counterparts to secure active and vibrant MOUs with international universities, providing exposure and training to their students for going abroad, attracting students to their universities.
  • Helping Indian universities to attain quality standards through audits  and accreditation.
  • Helping Indian universities to understand the expectation of international knowledge community /international universities and international citizens and their embassies.
  • Exposing Indian Institutions to Global resources and best practices.
International universities
  • Helping international universities to market their programs in India.
  • Helping international universities to create dialogue and exchange resources and community building
  • Helping international universities to find potential partners in India for MOU’s (student exchange, faculty exchange and research collaboration),
  • Helping international universities in their branding for India,
  • Helping international universities to attract brighter students and also help them to increase the number of students interested in their program.
  • Act as liaison with government programs and institutions.
  • Helping embassies with education quality, assessment of the environment (academic and culture).
  • Helping embassies to have a transparent and direct communication with the Indian and international universities
  • Help embassies to create annual report on Indian education for their fellow citizen.
  • We can map the education requirements of any specific government and students and map that with Indian institutes to assist in the selection process.
  • We can rate the Indian colleges and universities towards the cultural sensitivities of students from a particular country, specific infrastructural and other needs such as food, prayer locations and times etc
  • We can also talk to various private universities to run a tailor made course especially for a particular country’s students.
  • We can provide counseling to students and families and act as an additional resource to the specific countries international students who have chosen India as their education destination .
International schools-Secondary Education
  • Preparations for TOFEL, , IELTS, SAT.
  • Application prep – SOP, selection of colleges, visa guidance, pre-orientation counseling.